1 Million Stock Simulate 02/02/2021

The 1 million demo account was opened on January 25 where the market was relatively high. As soon as he entered the market, he suffered a big loss, with a maximum drawdown of 6.6%. Now it has slowly risen back, and the current loss is 2.9%. For good stocks, waiting is the best choice.

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股票代码:YRD 买入价位:开盘价$5.25,第一买入价位$4.49可以买(可以根据开盘价调整), 第二买入价位$3.72,慢慢加仓。当价格下降时,高抛低吸原则。 卖出价位:第一止盈价位$5.97,第二止盈价位$6.68。