1 Million Stock Simulate 02/09/2021

From the opening of the position on January 25 to the present, the account has finally become profitable. Looking forward to the continued rise of the market. The future can be expected.

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Gold-earning-report-picks for 06-14-2021

1.股票代码:hexo 买入价位:开盘价$6.7,第一买入价位$6.49可以买(可以根据开盘价调整), 第二买入价位$6.37,慢慢加仓。当价格下降时,高抛低吸原则。 卖出价位:第一止盈价位$6.74,第二止盈价位$6.87。 2.股票代码:bysi 买入价位:开盘价$11.43,第一买入价位$11.2可以买(可以根据开盘价调整), 第二买入价位$10.98,慢慢加仓。当价格下降时,高抛低吸原