1 Million Stock Simulate 02/12/2021

The overall return on the account is not very satisfactory. I plan to make some changes to my holdings next week. Looking forward to your attention.

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1 Million Stock Simulate 02/11/2021

The account opened a position at a high position, so the income runs slowly. So when we open a position, we must not be in a hurry, and we can't make a full position. This is too risky.

1 Million Stock Simulate 02/10/2021

The account fell by 0.1% today, and the overall account return was 0.24%. However, the stock price rises and falls are normal, and the future continues to be promising.

1 Million Stock Simulate 02/09/2021

Today's account overall fell slightly. However, it does not matter. This is our long-term shareholding. Since our account was opened on January 25, the overall return has been 0.35%. Looking forward t


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