1 Million Stock Simulate 2021 01/26/2021

Because of the chasing high on January 25, today's market trend is a bit passive, with a loss of 1.41% the next day. Pay attention to position adjustments. It is best to keep some cash in hand.

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Gold-earning-report-picks for 06-14-2021

1.股票代码:hexo 买入价位:开盘价$6.7,第一买入价位$6.49可以买(可以根据开盘价调整), 第二买入价位$6.37,慢慢加仓。当价格下降时,高抛低吸原则。 卖出价位:第一止盈价位$6.74,第二止盈价位$6.87。 2.股票代码:bysi 买入价位:开盘价$11.43,第一买入价位$11.2可以买(可以根据开盘价调整), 第二买入价位$10.98,慢慢加仓。当价格下降时,高抛低吸原